ONLINE EVENT: ‘Australia-China Economic Relationship – Problems & Prospects’ Has Successfully Hold

Last Updated 4 years ago


In recent years, Australia-China relations are characterised by strong trade bonds while both countries agree to disagree on many other issues. Escalating tensions between Australia and China over the management of the COVID19 outbreak risks disturbing this accepted separation between trade and non-economic matters. Through this “Rich Link to China” series, we hope to provide a unique avenue for Australian businesses to gain direct insights into the other side of this complex relationship.

We are delighted to bring 3 of our Chinese business friends as panellist (whose bios are attached separately):

–          Mr Sitao Xu, Chief Economist, Deloitte China, from Beijing

–          Mr John Liu, Managing Director, ChinaEquity Group, a leading PE fund manager in Beijing

–          Mr Fuhu (Tiger) Zheng, Managing Director, Sinonew Capital Advisory Co., Ltd, a prominent corporate advisor in Beijing

Together with Richlink group chairman Professor Jason Zheng to shedded some light on recent changes in China’s economic policies and consumer trends. The panel discussion was moderated by Richlink Australia’s CEO, George Su.

Some of the topics have been discussed in this video conference are:

–          Highlights of Chinese economic stimulus policies post COVID19 lockdown;

–          Direction of the Sino-US relationship and its impact on Australia;

–          Are Chinese HNW people stilling interested in investing in Australia? And what’s their preference?