Richlink Capital strives to provide compelling investment and capital market solutions to our local and international clients. We partner with our clients to develop successful strategies where our interests are aligned. Richlink Capital has built up a strong investment track record of success across its business.

Who We Are

Richlink Capital is an established financial services company with four key business lines – asset management, wealth management or family office, investment advisory services and our leading business school program.

+ Our Heritage

Richlink Capital has a long and stellar history founded by Professor Jason Zheng in 2004 initially with the aim of providing capital market solutions to his growing list of business school students. Professor Zheng from his time studying in the United Kingdom and lecturing at the prestigious Peking, Tsinghua and Fudan Universities in China identified a niche whereby many of his friends and students were seeking investment solutions and advice that was not readily available. Quality investment and capital markets solutions were lacking, the range of available options were limited and did not provide compelling outcomes for clients.

Professor Zheng realised there was a considerable void in the community for compelling investment and capital market solutions. Armed with these findings, Richlink Capital was created with the aim purely to fill the gap in the market.

Many students of Professor Zheng’s have progressed on to become leading entrepreneurs and executives of many very successful companies across the region. Increasingly with the deep teachings and sophistication of clients there was a growing demand for greater investment management and financial services. To meet client expectations Richlink Capital progressively expanded its range of capabilities. Even today we continue to search for innovation to ensure we remain leaders in financial services with an unwavering objective to act in the best interest of our clients.

Under the stewardship of the founder Professor Zheng the Richlink Capital Group is a well-known and highly respected financial services firm with clients including High Net Worth individuals, family offices, Corporates and Institutions.

The company is headquartered in Beijing with offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Taiyuan, Hong Kong, Sydney and Dallas.

+ Company Culture

Mission: To optimise the use of capital and build a successful future. We aim to become a leading fund manager and boutique investment advisor dedicated to providing compelling outcomes for our range of clients.

Core Values: Justified and relevant, our clients and our people are the most important elements of our business, broad minded with unwavering professionalism and strong moral compass.

Business Philosophy: These are the core philosophical beliefs to be – professional, efficient, friendly and positive, open and sharing, equal, pioneering, innovative, pragmatic, effective with strong compliance and risk management oversight.



Richlink Capital is a leading investment house. We focus on developing and managing compelling investment solutions and providing strategic advisory services for our broad range of clients including HNW, family offices, corporations and institutions.


Family Office Solutions

Our family office services are built on the foundations of providing solutions to our clients now and into the future so that wealth can be protected, harnessed and bequeathed in a systematic way. By looking at all your assets we can develop a strategy that will ensure the sustainability of your wealth through time. We are also able to advise on estate planning by using our internal team combined with our strong relationships with leading practitioners in relevant fields.

+ Corporate Advisory

Our advisory division provides specialist strategic solutions to a broad range of Australian and International clients. We are specialists in advising companies in cross border activities into and out of Australia. We are well versed to advise and assist in capital, and distribution partnering activities.

We are committed to establishing and developing a strong bond and partnership with our clients built on sustainable successful outcomes.

We have an extensive network of capital partners keen to invest across most industries and across borders.

If a company is looking for distribution partners or introductions to like-minded industries across border we have the necessary relationships to facilitate that introduction. Our network of relationships is generally unconstrained by industry, by sector and size.

We advise on Mergers and Acquisitions, Equity Capital Markets and restructuring, repositioning, recapitalisations and cross border partnering.

+ Asset Management

Richlink Capital is an experienced investment manager and combined with its strong fiduciary culture is dedicated to acting in the best interest of our clients. Richlink Capital seeks to provide for its clients best in class investment solutions across a range of strategies optimised for their needs.

All our investment solutions reflect our investment principles. We draw on many elements and resources when managing client funds. Drawing on our academic foundations and financial markets insights we have identified a range of investment principals that are instructive as predictors of expected return.

We currently offer a series of Alternatives strategies of Private Equity and Venture Capital where we focus on investing into the following areas: Modern Services, TMT, Healthcare and Agriculture, High Tech Manufacturing and Real Estate.

Our objective is to deliver durable returns over the longer term. We offer a series of investment solutions with the aim of finding the right balance between risk and return to meet our client expectations.

+ Richlink Capital Business School

The founder of Richlink Capital is a leading Professor and guest at several top business schools in China and Australia. He is a regular lecturer to executive and business school classes and has taught over 20,000 business owners who possess substantial personal wealth, strong relationships with local governments, local businessmen, as well as deep industry expertise.

Richlink Capital Business School opened in Beijing in 2014. The current members of the school comprise other teachers and many students that have attended the classes of Professor Zheng.

In recent years, Professor. Zheng has presented at many seminars, forums and well-known university events. These events and teaching channels build on Richlink Capitals’ already established highly regarded capabilities and quality industry network.

Most students of the Richlink Capital Business School are business owners that in themselves have established networks, across a broad range of industry.

Richlink Club is a private wealth club initiated by the group, which aims to provide an exchange and communication platform around relationships, entrepreneurial spirit, capital resources and networking. The purpose of Richlink Club is to provide our clients a forum from which they can discuss historic and prospective investment principals and events, to prepare and inform themselves on ways to maximise their investment and estate planning. Richlink Club members currently total nearly 500 successful entrepreneurs at home and abroad and include: investors, financiers, educators, celebrities, and prominent business leaders.


Jason Zheng

Beijing Richlink Capital Management Co.,Limited

Professor Zheng is a well-respected industry leader in private equity investment and financial advisory services in China with more than 20 years’ experience in the investment industry. Professor Zheng also holds positions such as the Deputy Head of the Financing Department of China Real Estate Association and Vice Chairman of the Zhongguancun High Tech Zone Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.

He is a visiting professor of several premier universities in China, including Peking University, Tsinghua University and Fudan University. He has been giving lectures to the executive classes and has taught over 20,000 business owners who possess substantial personal wealth, strong relationship with local governments, local businessmen, as well as deep industry expertise. Professor Zheng received his MBA from Leeds Business School in UK. He holds the equivalent Chinese accreditation of a qualification of CPA.

George Su

Chief Executive Officer
Richlink Capital Australia

A Corporate advisor with extensive cross border investment and M&A experiences in Australasia, particularly between China and Australia. Industry focus: resources, energy, technology, finance & fund management, agribusiness, retail, real estate Mr Su headed CITIC Securities Australian operation between 2009 and 2013 with special focus on cross border transactions between Australia and China and continues to represent the Chinese investment bank in Australia as its business partner. He was born and educated in Beijing before continuing his education in the USA. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration.

Mr Su has lived and worked in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia and now resides in Sydney. He has held senior positions in a Chinese government controlled Investment Company, has been the managing director of a Singapore based venture group and was an Independent director of Macquarie Bank's China property fund for 8 years.


Richlink Capital Hi-Tech Funds

Richlink Capital Australia formerly announces the launch of a series of funds in the High-Tech sector. Richlink Capital is currently raising capital for a series of funds to invest in a range of high-tech industries including TMT, Healthcare, Bio-technology, Fintech and other similar industries. The group will be looking for opportunities from start-up through to growth capital opportunities particularly in areas where they can utilise their cross border relationships.

June 2017

ZVCA – Australian Branch

Richlink Capital is honoured to be appointed as the Australian Branch of the ZVCA. On 19 May 2017, the opening ceremony of the Zhongguancun Venture Capital Association (ZVCA) Australia Branch was successfully held in the Sydney office of Richlink Capital. President of the ZVCA Jason Wang, Chairman of Richlink Capital Group Jason Zheng, CEO of Richlink Capital Australia Stuart Keighran and CEO of the Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL) Yasser EI-Ansary attended the event. The CEO of Richlink Capital Australia commented that “We are extremely excited to represent the ZVCA in Australia. We look forward to promoting and facilitating Sino-Australian relationships and co-operation into the future.”

May 2017


Richlink Capital was proud to hold the closing ceremony for the inaugural Sino-Australian Entrepreneurs Summit held on 28 March 2017. We were honoured to receive personal support from former Prime Minister John Howard. He expressed great expectations for two-way commercial partnerships and investment opportunities in the future between Australia and China. The closing ceremony was attended by over 80 prominent business and thought leaders from China and Australasia.

March 2017



Richlink Capital is founded on a platform of research and academic excellence. Our foundations are deeply entrenched in academia and our belief that deep research drives greater knowledge. Ultimately this leads to better outcomes for clients.

Consistent with our beliefs that ongoing education and constant learning is essential to drive better outcomes we wish to share many of our insights and findings with the broader investment community. These research papers are either our own proprietary findings or research papers from leading industry practitioners we respect and admire.